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Electronic unit "Tangra Mini" is a new generation device and is designed to perform active bio-resonance therapy (ABT) on the human body based on the generation of electromagnetic signals with a frequency and form through which the influence of harmful pathogens (viruses and bacteria) and parasites in the human body, and clearing it of toxins. Made exactly as the original scheme Zapper published by Dr. Hulda Clark in her book "Treatment of all diseases", in this sense can be called "Hulda Clark Zapper".


Designed for people wishing to practice universal antiparasitic therapy described by Dr. Clark with descriptions of her zapper. Apparatus has high technical parameters combined with maximum easier use, allowing it to be applied by all medical professionals in their practice, but also for independent daily use.


*Brochure can be found HERE


What is active bio-resonance therapy?

The main treatment of diseases today are based on chemical effects on the body by medicaments and by surgery - methods do not always help and is largely detrimental to the organism. Principle of active bio-resonance therapy based on the understanding that human cells of the molecular and atomic level and function are linked by electromagnetic forces and interactions. At the beginning of the twentieth century American doctor named Raymond Rife in their attempts to fight cancer realized that like any material body and cells which have a frequency oscillations. Working hard on his assumption he was able to prove that any disease can be cured if affected by a certain frequency. Researching it concluded that bacteria, viruses and parasites have their own frequency resonancе omething proven and tested by many experts after it. If it is known, the pathogen can be destroyed as it is irradiated. The walls of the membranes are disrupted and the pathogen rapidly died, explains Rife. That is any disease caused by pathogens - a bacterium or virus can be cured, as it has been destroyed and the body is healthy again. The advantage of Rife treatment is that it does not affect any healthy human cells, because they resonate at different frequencies. The list of Rayf more than 500 diseases that he could fight. His work and results do not remain unnoticed, even though the pharmaceutical industry to downplay the achievements of it. Dr Hulda Clark met with his work thanks to his father worked for Dr. Rife. It is dedicated entirely to bio-resonance therapy, explore multiple diseases and their treatment by this method. Her works are known in medical circles, having won numerous awards. In 1988, Dr Hulda Clark discovered that the effect on parasites and pathogens living on their own frequency for several minutes, leading to their death. Through long and hard work she prepare an accurate list of the frequencies of parasites cause thousands of illnesses. Leading from this list and apply precise frequency instruments (apparatus Tangra and Tangra 2 are of this type), she successfully treated thousands of patients by the method of bio-resonance. In his book, "Treatment of all diseases" (which is translated into numerous languages), describes a simple frequency generator for independent bio-resonance therapy and called it ZAPPER. Apparatus works only one stabilized frequency of about 32KHz square waveform and is powered by battery. Parasites impact of different frequencies can be explained by the rectangular waveform that generates lots of harmonics with small amplitude. According to Dr. Clark, this instrument has been very good result in treatment, it is also affordable and easy to use. "Tangra Mini" repeated exactly the scheme and the frequency of ZAPPER-and Dr. Clark. Of course it is always better to use more precise frequency instruments that offer a wide range of frequencies, output currents and capabilities (eg apparatus Tangra and Tangra2) that achieve better results. More details on the method of bio-resonance therapy and it can be found in the book by Dr. Hulda Clark "Treatment of all diseases". Within this instruction is not possible to cover the whole theory of bio-resonance therapy.


On diseases which have an impact device?

The influence of the device is shown for many diseases by Dr. Clark, you may mention some:

•    Worms invasions (sedge, askaridi, cloven, sucking worms, etc.);
•    Cancerous diseases
•    Diseases caused by unicellular organisms;
•    Diseases caused by skin parasites (scabies, lice);
•    Virus and athlete's foot diseases (influenza, venereal diseases, etc.);
•    Fungal striking (clutch fungus, thrush, lichen, etc.);
•    Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis, hepatitis, etc.);
•    Diseases of the genitourinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, etc.);
•    Pain syndromes (headache, toothache, pain in the neck, back and joints, etc.);
•    Skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, ulcers, burns, etc.);
•    Diseases of bones and joints (arthrosis, arthritis, myositis, etc.);
•    Diseases of the endocrine system (thyroid, diabetes, etc.);
•    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;
•    Post-operative treatment and rehabilitation;

List of all diseases can be found in the book by Dr. Clark. Unit can be used preventively every day to clean up the toxins in the body and increase stamina.

Therapy unit itself, in addition to curative effect on stimulating the body acts on the immune system. In this way makes it more resistant to future attacks by parasites. Another positive effect is the acceleration of metabolism at the cellular level (metabolism), thus reducing obesity and overweight.


Application of the unit in many serious diseases must be conducted under the supervision of a doctor!

How to work with the unit?

Set the device "Tangra Mini" is packaged in a cardboard and ecological box consists of:
1 pc. Electronic device "Tangra Mini";
2 pcs. Electrodes - bracelets;
2 pcs. Medical gauze to improve contact;
1 pc. 9V battery type 6F22;
1 pc. Instruction manual (12 pages english) with warranty card;
1 pc. Certificate of original products and laboratory testing for quality and compliance issued by "Nora research";


The figure shows the main indicators and connectors. The device is powered by a battery 9V type 6F22 battery which is included in the set. Gently open the cover located on the rear and insert the battery observing polarity in. Plug both cables of the electrodes bracelets output jacks are located on top of the apparatus (see figure). Lightly wet your wrists with water. For better skin contact is recommended to use both medical gauze in the package. Dampen and put them on the wrists from the underside, where the metal part of the bracelet. Then place the top wrist electrodes as shown in the figure: 


Click the ON/OFF button located on the side of the device (see figure). The front panel will turn red indicator - an indication that the unit carried therapy. After 7 minutes, turn off the appliance and the pause of 20 minutes. The whole treatment lasts 1 hour and is held on the following scale tested and proven by Dr. Clark:

- 7 minutes therapy
- 20 minute break
- 7 minutes therapy
- 20 minute break
- 7 minutes therapy

The first 7 minutes of the procedure kills the parasites, such as those in these bacteria and viruses leaving and entering them into the body through a break of 20 minutes of the second procedure 7 minutes kills bacteria released. This procedure is mandatory, without it you feel the symptoms of colds. The third and final 7 min procedure and kills viruses that killed more difficult. Breaks are needed to fully change the status of pathogens throughout the body, which helps maximize destruction.

Overall treatment is carried out depending on the number of daily treatments:

- One hour daily therapy = 40 days of treatment
- Two one-hour treatments per day = 30 days of treatment
- Three one-hour treatments per day = 20 days of treatment

For a healthy organism is sufficient use of the unit once a day.

It is recommended that the first day of therapy to be consumed as a food in a small amount of fruit and plenty of fluids. The next two days food to be restricted to boiled potatoes and fruit. This helps to further detoxify the body and effective therapy apparatus. During the treatment course to consume at least 2 liter of water a day and avoid heavy and toxic foods (meat, animal fats, eggs, etc.).

Unit MUST NOT be used by:

1. People with implants with batteries.
2. People with organ transplants.
3. Pregnant or lactating women.
4. Children under 8 years.

INFORMATION: The battery of the device has a resource about 200 cycles of 7 minutes. This resource may vary depending on the battery manufacturer. And replacement is required when the red LED flashes with low intensity (force). At the rear bottom of the unit is the battery compartment. Click tag names carefully and pull the lid down to open it. Remove carefully with battery power clamp, being careful not to rip the cord. Take clips from the battery and put a new one. Return it back in the compartment and close the reverse order. Be careful when placing the battery, it has a large negative and positive closer pole. If you wrong polarity battery will be drained immediately.

TIP: To require less frequent battery changes, we recommend using alkaline batteries from reputable manufacturers, and also the battery that you can recharge and reuse. The battery is of type 9V 6F22. It is good to always have fresh batteries on hand.

To serve you reliably unit and applies to your warranty card is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

1. Safe him and hit him from harvesting dry after use.
2. Use clean cloth for dusting.
3. Not use chemicals for cleaning his slightly damp cloth with water is sufficient.
4. Be careful when pressing buttons.
5. Ne violence to remove the jacks and cables only as a drag socket
6. Use only specified battery type

IMPORTANT! Bracelets-electrodes have a resource * in which they are fit for use. During the therapy apparatus may feel mild stabbing the skin in places where skin contact with the bracelets. If bracelets are damaged apparatus is not effective. The bracelets are designed specifically for unit "Tangra mini" and replacing them with another type does not guarantee its operation. Failure of electrodes, look at the original distributor.

* We recommend regular replacement of the wrist electrodes every 300 cycles.

Technical characteristics:

Power supply: 9V battery type 6F22
Power consumption: <0.015 A
Spectrum: a rectangular signal with a frequency of 32KHz (+ / -10% when battery voltage 9V)
Amplitude of the output: max. 8V
Maximum output current: 0.006 A
Power consumption: max. 0.15W
Battery life: 200 cycles on average 7 minutes (depending on model of the battery)
Time of operation: manual mode
Mass Product Packaging: not more than 600 g

Technical features:

Used are innovative and modern technologies such product is designed very carefully and continuously to maximize efficiency and convenience. All the elements are of high quality from approved manufacturers. Device itself is designed and manufactured entirely in the European Union.

* Each product is tested in the laboratory of "Nora research" quality and compliance, as this is issued a certificate which accompanies the unit. Do not buy equipment without a certificate and warranty card!

Warranty: 12 months

More on the apparatus, as specific technical features can be found in the instructions that accompanies each unit, but also issues orders and more information can contact us at email address mentioned on the page Contacts.


Recommended retail price: please send a message to the e-mail: nora.research@yahoo.com


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