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Electronic unit for active bio-resonance therapy Nora Reasearch - "Tangra" based on the writings of Dr. Hulda Clark. More about its features can be found in the menu "Products".





In the thirties of last century, the American Dr. Raymond Rife  (more HERE) creates technology that puts an end to all diseases. Sounds incredible, but it is a device with which the resonance of electromagnetic fields generally kills any bacteria, virus or any micro-organism and parasites.





In recent years, Dr. Hulda Clark from the United States develop and produce similar revolutionary methods to successfully treat all the existing diseases, based on the destruction of disease-causing organisms (viruses, bacteria, microbes) through low voltage electrical impulses.


Dr. Hulda Clark claims that behind many diseases and medical conditions including HIV (AIDS), cancer, fibromyalgia and fibromiozit, ulcers, colitis, cystitis, endometriosis, menopause, PMS, fatigue, menstrual pain, infertility, prostatitis, asthma, arthritis , bronchitis, toothache, sore throat, diabetes, headaches, migraines, psoriasis, acne, eczema, high blood pressure, glaucoma, tooth decay, insomnia, allergies, depression, schizophrenia, Crohn's disease, joint and muscle pain, pain of any origin, and etc. itself hiding any evidence of infection. Infection is the status of infection with parasites. Parasites are all bacteria, fungi (eg Candida), viruses and worms - tapeworms, tapeworm and others. In everyday life most often associate them with obvious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses - HIV, influenza, rubella, herpes, mumps, typhoid, syphilis, gonorrhea, scarlet fever, pertussis, salmonellosis, tetanus, hepatitis, stafilo-coccus, streptococcus, cholera, chlamydia, toxoplasmosis, trihomonaza, plague, salmonella and many others. Their claims Dr. Hulda Clark has developed into several books. Here is some information about some of them:


The cure for all cancers - Treatment of all cancers - International translation

The cure for all advanced cancers - Treatment of all forms of advanced cancer


According to official statistics in our annual fall ill from cancer 30 000 and 20 000 people We leave prematurely. And how much is the number of departed without being diagnosed? Patients are more than 270 000 thousand. The conclusion is that the used drugs are not effective, but we all know that they are too expensive.


Modern medicine has long recognized that any disease in the human body from the mildest cold to cancer and AIDS, except frakturit due to infectious bacteria and viruses - identification and parasite breeding in the human body and nutrition kse it.


Each microorganism - parasite is extremely sensitive to it flowing through electrical impulses so that you can die and the least voltage passing through it. If a person is stricken with tension electricity needs of around 80 - 100 volts and up, then parasites: viruses and bacteria is sufficient voltage in the range of 10-30 volts and a small 100 - 600 current microampers. According to the research and medical practice of Dr. Hulda Clark, the use of electronic designed by her son, an electronic zapper except that it is extremely effective against any illness, it leads to complete cure, and serious cases of cancer and AIDS in a short period of treatment . Already in the first days of treatment with the zapper, vitality users to increase. To normalize blood pressure, blood sugar. To stabilize the metabolism. To improve memory and brain activity. Organism is cleared of toxins and poisons taken through food, water and air (middle).