04.2012 Launched in the production new professional apparatus for bio-resonance therapy "Heiron". Meeting all requirements for contact bioresonance therapy work of Dr. Rife and Dr. Clark. Completely covering the entire frequency range Rife / Clark / CAFL without additional pay programs for different diseases typical for similar devices. Suitable for professional therapists or private use. All details of the apparatus can be found HERE.


02.2012 Coming soon a new professional apparatus for bio-resonance therapy "Heiron". Specially designed to meet all requirements for professional contact bioresonance therapy according to the writings of Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Raymond Rife. Adjustable rate of 0 - 10 000 000 Hz which cover the entire spectrum Rife / Clark. Just set the frequency according to the lists of frequencies - Step 1 Hz. Two modes of therapy: a rectangular (Clark), sinus (Rife). Adaptive output (0-22V), an indicator of sensitivity, precision LCD display, sensor buttons and joystick, 4-speed protection. Two types / sets of contact electrodes: handles and bracelets. Detailed instructions, friendliness book contact birezonans frequencies of Rife / Clark. Without paid programs with frequencies characteristic of such machines - versatility, power and practicality in a single unit. Suitable for professional therapists or private use.


11.2011 Launched in the production new professional device for silver ionization "Ponor PRO". Specially designed for high volume tanks (10 to 1000 liters), and wells and boreholes for drinking water daily consumption of 10 to 1000 liters. Characterized by uniqueness, quality, stable parameters and longevity.


03.2011 Launched in the production new device for bio-resonance therapy  - "Tangra Mini". Made exactly as the original scheme Zapper published by Dr. Hulda Clark in her book "Treatment of all diseases", in this sense can be called "Hulda Clark Zapper" Designed for people wishing to practice universal antiparasitic therapy described by Dr. Clark with descriptions of her zapper. Characterized by affordability, reliability, convenience and detailed instructions.


01.2011 Team "Nora research" wishes you good health and success in the new 2011 to all its customers and partners! Thank you!


03.2010 Launched in the production new device for quantum* therapy "Hera"

* Quantum therapy is a new trend in modern medicine. Used in more than 9500 hospitals in Russia and Europe. Absolutely safe form of therapy that helps in the treatment of more than 200 diseases. Based on the principle of addition of energy in diseased human cells, and thereby recover the body. Diseased cells fall into a state of low activity and cease to divide. With the help of powerful short pulses quantum is added to their energy and they increase their activity hundreds of times, thus the body is recovered. Pulse which is enveloping the body are in the range 500nm - 2000nm. The actual quantum irradiation is done with "head" which is placed on the patient station. Device "Hera" is characterized by 4 quantum therapy programs that are consistent with developments in this area. With high power output that achieves full penetration of quantum radiation in human tissues and cells. Provided three automatic interval during therapy. Available is a detailed instruction manual in english language. Can be used by specialists in their practice of therapeutic and spa centers, and for self use. Extremely effective method to fight many diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, joint and muscle diseases, wounds, tumors,


03.2010 Products "Nora research" are shown in the official distributor "IZIDETOX" of the specialized european exhibition for a healthy lifestyle 'Alley of health' ongoing from 12.03.2010 to 15.03.2010.


12.2009 Launched in the production new device for bio-resonance therapy - "Tangra 2". It is characterized by 4 programs to therapy, including therapy HFT higher operating frequency directly to the protective forces of the human body. Available output power controller, sound and light indicators. The unit is more capable than the approved "Tangra", which it positioned in the upper-class apparatus.


10.2009 Coming soon new product for bio-resonance therapy "Tangra 2". Unit is based on the approved "Tangra", as characterized by the presence of 4 treatment program and 2 time intervals of work.


10.2009 Products "Nora research" are shown in the official distributor "IZIDETOX" of the specialized european exhibition for a healthy lifestyle 'Alley of health' ongoing from 28 October to 1 November.


10.2009 In development is a mobile unit for quantum therapy.

09.2009 In development is a new product - an effective air ioniser. Cleansing, refreshing and filled with healthy air ions kill all micro-organisms.

09.2009 In development is a professional tool for ion detoxification of the body.

Based on scientific discovery of American Scientists and Peter Agre Roderick MacKinnon, awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2003. Developed method, which is implemented in hardware ionization of water (the water molecule splits a negative OH-ion and a positive H + ion). According to scientific discovery the negative electric field can be used to restore electrolyte imbalance of the cells. For this purpose, using legs (feet) of man, where are about 2000 pores through which the body carries on its natural detoxification through sweating. Penetrated into the human body negative ions restore the normal electric potential of cells and stimulate release of toxins accumulated in the cells, resulting in the ability of recovered cells to function and be "samoochistvat" normal. Restored the normal operation of the authorities to normalize the pH. Separated forced toxins collected in the container with water, where ionization takes place. For the duration of one procedure (30 minutes) completely clear of the water stains are visible on most solid dark color that the color can be made implicit conclusion in which a human body were most concentrated toxins and what about the nature of pollution "of an organism.