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Bio-resonance therapy of treatment is established by whom?

By U.S. Dr. Raymond Rife at the beginning of XX century (more about him HERE). Further developed by Dr. Hulda Clark in the 80's.


Why choose bio-resonance therapy method of treatment?

Treatment with medicines is trying to remedy the consequences of the disease, until bio-resonance therapy reasons. This makes it much more effective. It is also considerably cheaper. Investment in a single device is in contrast to drugs. Another advantage is its versatility - it is the effect on all diseases caused by pathogens, viruses and bacteria.

Where can I learn more about bio-resonance therapy ?

The best source of information about this method of treatment are the books of Dr. Hulda Clark. The most famous is "The Cure for all Diseases" which was translated into many languages and is available on the market.

Are you sure you heal this method?

These are the conclusions of Dr. Clark devoted his life to it. Dr. Rife had a list of 500 diseases are completely healed. To the same conclusion after applying his reach many professionals worldwide. Has helped thousands of people to heal.

Why this method does not apply to hospitals and not widely distributed?

Only a matter of hospitals and pharmaceutical companies can respond.

Products "Nora research" how are made?

Our products comply fully with the scientific work of Dr. Rife and Dr. Clark. Are combined with modern electronic technology to be as comfortable and effective.

I am healthy. Can I be treated with bio-resonance and what will it help me?

Method does not apply only to sick people. In each human cell and atom exist electromagnetic forces and interactions. Method directly affects them. Improves the immune system and blood circulation. Tone was increased and obesity decreased by the improved metabolism.

Harm you in any way with the treatment bio-resonance ?

No. Neither Dr. Rife nor Dr. Clark found damage to the body. Of course there are some side effects that are normal after understanding the method in detail. Therefore the killing of harmful microorganisms in the human body to accumulate toxins to be thrown from it by its exhaust systems. This is usually several days after initiation of therapy man feels a state of weakness - a sure sign that they are treated. This is a temporary condition. During therapy is recommended consumption of large amounts of water and fruit to be able to go out toxins from the body. Likelihood of the emergence of small skin wounds in the points of contact with the electrodes resulting from micro current and high frequency.

Why called "zapper" units for bio-resonance ?

This is not entirely correct name for these devices. The exact name is: units for active bio-resonance therapy. Dr. Clark in one of his books describes a similar device for treatment which is available for self-construction and called it a "Zapper". In her practice she uses a lot more complicated apparatus. The same applies to Dr. Rife. It offers "zapper" in the book is relatively less effective than professional units based on this method and these include products Nora research.