More about dr. Raymond Rife


Royal Raymond Rife was born in 1888 doctor, biologist and physicist from San Diego, USA, considered by many to be the most multifaceted genius ever lived. Encyclopedia power of his knowledge and skill is really impressive. For their research work and achievements, he received 14 awards and the title "Honorary Doctor of the University of Heidelberg!

Dr. Rife develop technologies that are applied today in electronics, biochemistry, radiohimiyata, ballistics and aviation. You could say that he developed bioelectric medicine. Among his inventions are: heterodyne ultraviolet microscope and mikrodisektor mikromanipulator.
In 1920 he constructed the world's first powerful light microscope. After more than a decade of improvement in 1933, he completed his final work over its universal microscope - an extremely complex apparatus composed of different parts of 5682 and achieved 60 000-fold increase. The discovery of Rife is vital - it enables to monitor developments in replikatsionniyat virus cycle, the life cycle of bacteria, how to change the past in various forms to survive environmental changes, and how under the influence of some other carcinogens they turn normal cells into cancerous! For comparison, I would like to explain that with modern electron microscopes can be observed only viruses and bacteria in an inactive state.
Rife diligently and tirelessly documented spectroscopic handwriting of each microbe, which examined the manner in which developed in tissue cultures.
He was so ahead of their peers, they certainly could not understand the nature of his studies. So many people traveled to San Diego to see the microscope and to acquire an idea of what he did.
Indeed, Dr. Rife first identify the microorganism, which is the main reason for the development of cancer in humans, when creating the necessary conditions for that. He called it "Cryptosides primordiales". Rife seen and viruses that contribute to the development of polio, herpes, influenza and many other diseases, and meticulously documented all of his research with photographs, films and detailed notes.
To destroy microbes Rife use the same physical principle, which helped him to watch them live - the principle of resonance. Attacking them through a specially designed device with its electromagnetic waves with their resonance frequency, but with much greater intensity, causing it to their destruction. In the same way as we know it can be used with a particular sound frequency, but with great intensity to be broken as only glass, while the objects around unaffected. This is precisely because its molecules vibrate at a frequency of a harmonic set. The method of Rife only destroy viruses without even affecting the healthy cells and tissues. The scientist called the corresponding frequency oscillator lethal value.
On November 20, 1931 in the estate of Dr. Milbank Johnson in Pasadena at 40 prominent medical experts from the United States gather at the banquet organized in honor of Dr. R. Rayf under the motto "The end of all diseases. But only a few years later all these people will "forget" and the inventor, and this event.
Rife worked hard for years, sometimes 48 hours without interruption, while mine found a large number of microorganisms contributing to the development of diverse, sometimes dangerous diseases - influenza, meningitis, tetanus, polio and others. After their attempts cured many cancer patients, animals, painlessly destroying the virus concerned with a specific electromagnetic frequency Rife with Dr. Milbank Johnson of the University of South Carolina, and under the supervision of a specially appointed medical research committee conducted a successful experiment with people in summer in 1934 for a period of 4 months all 16 patients with various cancers diagnosed as terminally ill were cured with this painless and without side-effects method. Subsequent trials between 1935 and 1938 reinforced the initial success and also of great concern to the medical industry. What happens to all officially imposed treatments, once people understand that someone can offer painless, without side effects and much cheaper treatment? So Fishbeyn Morris, who at that time controlled the American Medical Association (AMA), in Rife lawyer sent a proposal, which "can not refuse." But Rife rejected him. No one knows exactly what he wanted from Fishbeyn teachings, but we can guess, considering similar proposals, the rights of other scientists. Namely AMA to acquire exclusive rights over the appropriate method, such as deciding how to use it (or not use it under different pretexts).
In 1939 AMA take advantage of all resources and all power at its disposal to stop the studies and work with the appliance of Rife. Much of the documentation of his research was stolen, but broke his microscopes. At the same time, laboratory Burnett Lab in New Jersey, where scientists are invited to confirm the research Rife, was burned down. Only one company - "Beam Ray Corporation, producing parts for the microscope and instruments used for treatment, contrived by the trial was forced to go bankrupt. The latest blow to Rife however, was when police illegally broke into his laboratory and seized all other information covering decades of his work.
Doctors applying his method was threatened with withdrawal of the right to practice and even imprisonment, and those who tried to protect him, were subjected to financial repression. Arthur Kendy, Director of School Nortuestarn yv medisin, who worked some time with Rife on cancer virus, accepted the proposal against the 200 000 USD, which at that time represented a significant amount, "to withdraw in retirement and went to Mexico. Dr. George Doc, another known associate of the scientist was also forced to hold your peace, receiving a large monetary donation along with the greatest honors that could offer him AMA.
Persecution Rife met with bitterness and gradually led him to alcoholism. he died poor and forgotten in 1971 - the year in which the government in the face of President Nixon declared "war on cancer. What monstrous hypocrisy! One of the merits of Rayf, namely the discovery of the virus, contributing to the development of cancer, was assigned by Virginia Libingstan. In 1948 she began to make scientific reports in this direction, giving his own name of microbes - "Progenitor cryptocides!, And never even mention the name of Rife in its development. In fact, Livingston is often visited his laboratory, while the latter is still in operation and use of the microscope. She even moved to work nearby, to be able to closely monitor the work of Rife.
And so this extraordinary, but very humble scholar devoted to his work for the good of humanity and alien to the glory and glare, never received its rightful recognition and fame for the discovery, he did! Medical industry and her entourage tried his good name and his work very quickly to sink into oblivion, as elsewhere in the scientific journal articles are not permitted by him or his development. And so generations of medical students have graduated without hearing anything about the discoveries of Dr. Rife, and many like him. Here it is one of the ways in which the manipulation is carried out by doctors!

Damage inflicted on humanity by greed of pharmaceutical concerns and korumpiranostta politicians are about to overshadow all the mass murders ever in the history of mankind. To find money for what it is and whose "rights" are protected by the authorities, I would like to clarify that only the treatment of a man suffering from cancer in the United States cost on average around 300 000 USD! And if this is not good business?

Dr. Atanas Galabov