Quantum therapy





Quanta - the smallest particle energy - all pierce the earth with all its inhabitants from the very beginning of time. All we literally bathe in the ocean of particles. Humanity has realized this fact 100 years ago, was then created and Science Quantum physics - the science of small particles at. As demonstrated energy is not continuous, but is transmitted in portions, so-called energy quanta. Quantum is the smallest particle existing in the universe. The existence and range from matter into energy.




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A brief outline description of quantum therapy. Of course this is a very simplified explanation and information aspects are concerned.


Man - this is a great set of cell number. State whether it is healthy or sick is determined by their ability to carry out its functions which are confined to gas exchange (conditional words "breathing"), transportation, processing and synthesis of different types and molecules. All these processes are carried out at the molecular level and sub-molecular. Violate any stage of these processes is called disease. I.e. reduced activity of the cells leads to disease of the body.


As a result of the research model was developed according to which the human body is surrounded by electromagnetic "shell" that contains information about the status and development of the organism. Living cells emit weak electromagnetic waves - this is due to the fact that all its particles are set up electrical charges. As a consequence, each molecule in the body has its own weak magnetic field. For example, the movement of blood and lymph vessels in - this is the movement of electrically charged particles interacting with each other vessels and by repelling or attracting. All these complex and interrelated processes build the overall picture of electromagnetic sheath of the human body. From physics it is known that if the frequency fluctuations to be imposed on a body coincides with its oscillation frequency resonance occurs in which the amplitude of oscillation of the body increases. Thereby impacting human cells with specific wavelength which is close to their increased activity of the cells themselves and thus they begin to "communicate" with their environment better. This is the essence of quantum therapy - irradiation of cells and molecules with quanta of energy, thereby increasing their own activity without interference of any other effects. Unique to this method of treatment is that based on the understanding of the natural self-organizing system the human body. Impact information by encouraging its own forces. Modern medicine unlike traditional East trying to reach the places where work is impaired in cells by chemical medicines, surgical instruments and other methods. Quantum Medicine used much more sensitive and accurate methods of impact.


The main activity of a modern electronic device for Quantum therapy is to deliver quanta (quanta portion) where the body needs it. Furthermore, the apparatus must be able to interfere with different wavelengths (resonance frequencies) on the magnetic system to the body can influence all cells and molecules. The effectiveness of the device depends on the emission power, energy flow - ie ability of energy to penetrate into the tissues. When the broadcast portions of energy (quanta) are transmitted to certain time intervals (modulation) further accelerates the activity of cells. Professional device "Hera" meet all these requirements.