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Tangra 2 Pro



Professional electronic device"Tangra II" version Pro is a new generation device and is designed to perform active bio-resonance  therapy (ABT) on the human body based on the generation of electromagnetic signals with a frequency and form, through which the influence of harmful pathogens (viruses and bacteria) and parasites in the human body, and clearing it of toxins. Daily therapy it clears the body of harmful parasites cause hundreds of diseases, while enhancing stamina, eliminates fatigue and increase overall health. Apparatus has high technical parameters combined with maximum easier use, allowing it to be applied by all medical professionals in their practice, but also for independent daily use. Based on the works of dr. Hulda Clark.


*Brochure can be found HERE


Provided there are 4 working programs for therapy, allowing it to be a strong influence on a very broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms. One of these programs is that of an electronic zapper to Dr. Hulda Clark. Healing program is available for high-frequency therapy (HFT) which are known to influence effectively on small organisms susceptible to another type of radiation, but also contributes to rapid adjustment of metabolic processes in the human body. Possible change of output power unit by which to achieve a better adjustment to the disease and sensitivity of a given human organism.



What is active bio-resonance therapy?

The main treatment of diseases today are based on chemical effects on the body by drugs and by surgery - methods do not always help and is largely detrimental to the organism. Principle of active bio-resonance therapy based on the understanding that human cells of the molecular and atomic level and function are linked by electromagnetic forces and interactions. At the beginning of the twentieth century American doctor named Raymond Rife in their attempts to fight cancer realized that like any material body and cells which have a frequency oscillations. Working hard on his assumption he was able to prove that any disease can be cured if affected by a certain frequency. Researching it concluded that bacteria, viruses and parasites have their own frequency resonancе omething proven and tested by many experts after it. If it is known, the pathogen can be destroyed as it is irradiated. The walls of the membranes are disrupted and the pathogen rapidly died, explains Rife. That is any disease caused by pathogens - a bacterium or virus can be cured, as it has been destroyed and the body is healthy again. The advantage of Rife treatment is that it does not affect any healthy human cells, because they resonate at different frequencies. The list of Rife more than 500 diseases that he could fight. His work and results do not remain unnoticed, even though the pharmaceutical industry to downplay the achievements of it. Dr Hulda Clark met with his work thanks to his father worked for Dr. Rife. It is dedicated entirely to bio-resonance therapy, explore multiple diseases and their treatment by this method. Her works are known in medical circles, having won numerous awards. In 1988, Dr Hulda Clark discovered that the effect on parasites and pathogens living on their own frequency for several minutes, leading to their death. All details on this type of treatment it published in his remarkable book "Treatment of all diseases", which has been translated into numerous languages. Unit "Tangra II" is designed precisely and entirely based on its work, it is combined with modern microprocessor electronics that repeatedly increase its effectiveness and convenience. Under this instruction is not possible to cover the whole theory of bio-resonance therapy. All the details about it you could find in the above book.


On diseases which have an impact device?

The influence of the unit has been shown for many diseases, and might mention some:

•    Worms invasions (sedge, askaridi, cloven, sucking worms, etc.);

•    Cancerous diseases
•    Diseases caused by unicellular organisms;
•    Diseases caused by skin parasites (scabies, lice);

•    Virus and athlete's foot diseases (influenza, venereal diseases, etc.);

•    Fungal striking (clutch fungus, thrush, lichen, etc.);
•    Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis, hepatitis, etc.);

•    Diseases of the genitourinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, etc.);

•    Pain syndromes (headache, toothache, pain in the neck, back and joints, etc.);
•    Skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, ulcers, burns, etc.)
•    Diseases of bones and joints (arthrosis, arthritis, myositis, etc.);

•    Diseases of the endocrine system (thyroid, diabetes, etc.);
•    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;
•    Post-operative treatment and rehabilitation;

List of all diseases can be found in the book by Dr. Clark. Unit can be used preventively every day to clean up the toxins in the body and increase stamina.


Therapy unit itself, in addition to curative effect on stimulating the body acts on the immune system. In this way makes it more resistant to future attacks by parasites. Another positive effect is the acceleration of metabolism at the cellular level (metabolism), thus reducing obesity and overweight.




Application of the unit in many serious diseases must be conducted under the supervision of a doctor!


How to work with the unit?


Set the device "Tangra II" is packaged in a cardboard and ecological box consists of:


1 pc. Electronic unit "Tangra II"
2 pcs. Electrodes - bracelets
2 pcs. Medical gauze
to improve contact
1 pc. Transformers network adapter
1 pc. Instruction manual (20 pages english) with warranty card
1 pc. Certificate of original products and laboratory testing for quality and compliance issued by "Nora research".


The figure shows the main indicators and connectors of the unit. The unit is powered by a 220V(110V) network divided by galvanic transformer adapter which is included in the kit. Plug the adapter into the socket of the unit where it is shown in the figure, and then plug it in to the mains network. Plug the cable into the two electrodes bracelets output jacks located in the upper part of the unit (see figure). Slightly humidified wrists of their hands with water. For better contact with the skin is recommended to use both medical gauze in the package. Soak them and put them on the wrists from the underside, where the metal part of the bracelet. Then place the wrist at the top electrode as shown in the following figure:



Click "START". The front panel you'll see a circular light indicator - it indicates that the unit performed therapy. Choose a treatment program by pressing the left button "PROGRAM" indicator illuminated and watch over him. There are four possible programs: I, II, III and Ultra. Ultra is the last stage of therapy HFT. The default is the active program I. You could change the level of output power. This is done via the button "Out power" - the indicators above it shows what the power. Red color means higher output power (High). The default is active low output (Low). The procedure lasted 7 minutes. After 7 minutes of the handset itself will be excluded in which the indicators will extinct and will hear a sound signal. When the device is inactive indicator light is red "power off". No need to disconnect it from the wall outlet.Unit program remembers the last used settings and in the next release will continue therapy last used program. You will experience mild pins and needles in the skin of the places where contact with her bracelet. This is a normal consequence of micro-current flowing through the body. Current is limited to completely safe levels.


IMPORTANT! In more delicate skin and strong stimulation of the areas in contact with the bracelets reduce the output power button means "Out power" level to "Low". During therapy should not touch their hands in each other.


The whole treatment lasts 1 hour and is held on the following schedule tested and proven by Dr. Clark:


- 7 minutes therapy
- 20 minute break
- 7 minutes therapy
- 20 minute break
- 7 minutes therapy

The first 7 minutes of the procedure kills the parasites, such as those in these bacteria and viruses leaving and entering them into the body through a break of 20 minutes of the second procedure 7 minutes kills bacteria released. This procedure is mandatory, without it you feel the symptoms of colds. The third and final 7 min procedure and kills viruses that killed more difficult. Breaks are needed to fully change the status of pathogens throughout the body, which helps maximize destruction.


Overall treatment is carried out depending on the number of daily treatments:


- One hour daily therapy = 40 days of treatment
- Two one-hour treatments per day = 30 days of treatment
- Three one-hour treatments per day = 20 days of treatment


For a healthy organism is sufficient use of the unit once a day.


It is recommended that the first day of therapy to be consumed as a food in a small amount of fruit and plenty of fluids. The next two days food to be restricted to boiled potatoes and fruit. This helps to further detoxify the body and effective therapy apparatus. During the treatment course to consume at least 2 liter of water a day and avoid heavy and toxic foods (meat, animal fats, eggs, etc.).



Unit has 4 programs bio-resonance therapy- I, II, III and Ultra.


Program I: Program zapper.The main program of the unit. Includes the default. The backbone frequency is established by Dr. Hulda Clark common frequency for effective treatment used in its zapper. Modulated frequency and time for greater efficiency. It is recommended that any treatment can begin and be carried out mainly with this program.

Program II: low-frequency therapy. Characterized by a much higher penetration compared to other programs. Very wide spectrum of harmonics generated: from 1000 Hz to 1 000 000 Hz. Recommended for combination with other programs by increasing their effectiveness stems from a strong penetration in the tissues of the lower frequency. Positive influence on arthritis, muscle spasms and increased blood pressure.

Program III: midrange frequency therapy. Therapy modulated signal with an alternative backbone frequency recommended by Dr. Clark. Was chosen as the optimal frequency boundary between the ability to penetrate and impact. Many zapper used to say such a bearing rate. Treatment with this program better influence on the larger harmful microorganisms such as viruses.

Program Ultra: Therapy with high frequency. Therapy with a different impact than other programs. Increases the amplitude of oscillation of human cells by adding external energy and thus greatly enhanced the ability of humans to fight the disease without medication. Imunostimulant. Inhibits growth of cancer entities. Following a multi Research is recommended for a particular type of disease which can be found in the table below. It is also recommended to be combined with therapy zapper - Program I.


Advisable to use the programs as Disease:


Program I: Main program. Effective against all kinds of diseases. List of all diseases can be found in the book by Dr. Clark. Destroying viruses and harmful organisms.

Program II: normalizes blood pressure, helps with arthritis and muscle spasms. Helps to increase overall efficiency of the therapy apparatus. Recommended in combination with all other programs for deeper penetration.

Program III: Effective against viruses and colds. It is recommended as an alternative to Program I.

Program Ultra: immunostimulating program with high frequency. Increases the body's defense and its active resistance against diseases. Also suppresses the growth of tumor entities. Recommended for combination with Program I, and for specific diseases such as: gastric polyps and uterine myoma, benign skin tumors of the ovary and localized fibroadenomatoda fibroadenom and breast, malignant melanoma skin cancer, stomach, breast, ovary, body and cervix, esophagus, lung, intestine, head and neck and others.

Recommended guidelines for using a combination of programs:


* Session = one hour session on the scheme of Dr. Clark 7-20-7-20-7:


Common combinations for all types of diseases:


Program I - one session; Program II - one session; Program I - one session; Program Ultra - one session.


Program III - one session; Program II - one session; Program III - one session; Program Ultra - one session.


Program I - one session; Program II - one session; Program III - one session; Program Ultra - one session.


Recommend a combination of colds:


Program III - one session; Program Ultra - one session; Program III - one session; Program Ultra - one session.


Recommend a combination of cancer:


Program Ultra - one session;  Program I - one session; Program Ultra - one session; Program I - one session.


* Considering the influence of the apparatus on a disease you could themselves determine the influence of combinations on the disease. Those combinations are not mandatory, but recommended .

To serve you reliably unit and applies to your warranty card is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

1. Safe him and hit him from harvesting dry after use.

2. Use clean cloth for dusting.
3. Not use chemicals for cleaning his slightly damp cloth with water is sufficient.
4. Be careful when pressing buttons.
5. Ne violence to remove the jacks and cables only as a drag socket
6. Use only applications adapter kit


Additional accessories and spare electrodes


In connection with the unit of concentrated therapy on certain body parts can be additionally purchased a different type of electrodes (patches, soles for slippers, cups, etc..) Which can be found in that distributor. Their inclusion in the apparatus is implemented in the same manner as for wrist bracelets. DO NOT USE electrode bracelets designed for other units! The bracelets are designed specifically for unit "TangraII" and replacing them with another type does not guarantee action. Failure of the electrode can buy an application for an original distributor.


Unit MUST NOT be used by:

1. People with implants with batteries.
2. People with organ transplants.
3. Pregnant or lactating women.
4. Children under 8 years.


Technical characteristics:

Power supply: 220V/50Hz (110V optional) mains power adapter through transformers

Power consumption: <3W


Program I: Time-and frequency modulated signal with a bearing rate 33 000 Hz - rectangular shape with a wide harmonic range

Program II: Time-and frequency modulated signal with frequency backbone 1 000 Hz - rectangular shape with a wide harmonic range

Program III: Time-and frequency modulated signal with a bearing rate 5 000 Hz - rectangular shape with a wide harmonic range

Program Ultra: timing and frequency modulated signal with high frequency (HFT therapy) - a rectangular shape with a wide harmonic range

* All rates are consistent with the scientific writings of Dr. Hulda Clark.

Amplitude of the output: 30V

Maximum output current:

Mode "Low" 80 micro amps
Mode "High" 200 micro amps

Time: 7 minutes + / - 30 seconds


Technical specifications:


Used are innovative and modern technologies such product is designed very carefully and for a long time to achieve maximum efficiency and convenience. The main part is the microprocessor circuit with a unique program which ensures high stability of the generated frequencies and the output current, coupled with precise stabilization and low consumption. All the elements are of high quality from approved manufacturers. Device itself is designed and manufactured entirely in the European Union.


* Each product is tested in the laboratory of "Nora research" quality and consistency, as this is issued a certificate which accompanies the instrument.Do not buy equipment without a certificate and warranty card!


Warranty: 12 months

Recommended retail price: please send a message to the e-mail: nora.research@yahoo.com


(Special discounts to distributors)

More on the unit, as specific technical features can be found in the "instructions" that accompanies each unit, but also issues orders and more information can contact us at email address mentioned in the 'Contacts'.