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    Device "Ponor"



Electronic device for silver ionization water "Ponor" is a new generation of equipment designed for the enrichment of water (spring, tap, etc.) with silver ions (Ag +), thereby producing Silver Water (colloidal silver). With his help can constantly enrich arbitrary amounts of water, there is no need to buy bottled pharmacies silver waters. It is possible that the production of water at different concentrations, for daily use, preserving food and beverage, cosmetic needs and for higher concentrations of silver treatment and prolonged storage of water. When used, the water is saturated with silver ions, and also purified from harmful microorganisms. Saving and drinking qualities for a long time by acquiring properties of a natural antibiotic. Apparatus is characterized by comfort, long life, stable parameters and automated operation. There are 4 automatic programs work by the amount of water (1, 3 or 10 liters), and one of them is a special program for water with high concentration (for medical purposes). Has a silver electrode with increased mass made of high quality silver (.999 sample) is entirely designed and manufactured in the European Union.


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Unlike similar Chinese production, apparatus "Ponor" features high-quality silver electrodes, unparalleled convenience, accuracy and long life. Wholly designed and manufactured in the European Union.


What is the silver water?


Silver water - a real source of health and life. Long silver water is used to treat various diseases and prevention. And what's especially? In the past people have used it intuitively, without understanding the reasons for its amazing properties. The ancient Hindus and Chinese are being decontaminated water dropped into it and silver objects were treated sick people with it. In ancient Greece and Rome used silver containers for water. In the Bulgarian Orthodox Church (and not only) for various ritual activities "holy water" is always stored in silver vessels. Only last century, scientists discovered how and why has antibacterial properties. Clarifies that the silver atoms do not make it active, and ions (Ag+) it. Only they are capable of incredible - to penetrate into the cells of bacteria and destroy them from within.


The effect of silver ions is on more than 650 types of bacteria (for comparison: the effect of any antibiotic is on no more than 5 to 10 types of bacteria).


It is known that the antimicrobial effect of silver is higher than that of penicillin. At the same time, silver ions friendly bacteria cells, and absent harmful effects on the body - something typical of antibiotics. Not occur and other characteristics of antibiotic adverse consequences - low immunity, alergy complications, toxication the body and others. Silver is an important part of the human organism. Most silver is in the brain, in the nuclei of nerve cells in the glands of the endocrine system, eyes and bones. Daily needs of man reaches 90 ug per day of this precious metal. Use of silver in water (aqueous solution with silver ions), not only destroy bacteria and viruses, but they activate and metabolic processes in the body, enhances the immunity.Today it is used not just silver water, which was obtained as a consequence of contact with a silver object, a colloidal solution of silver ion produced by electrolysis (electric current through silver electrodes), which is much more active. Water saturated with ions of silver, as they say medics can even become a universal means of treatment. It creates in the human organism unique biological shield, which retreated to colds, flu and many other infectious diseases. To obtain the silver water will help handset "Ponor", which bears the name of the unique formations from which spring water flows down the beautiful Stara Planina. Operation of the apparatus consists in the omission of a particular current through two arrays of electrodes most pure silver - 999. In the course of the current electrodes emit silver ions as effectively dissolve gradually in water. Current is accurately stabilized to achieve the necessary concentration of ions in water. The effect is reversible, thus the wear of the electrodes is uniform and ionized water is a steady concentration.


Properties of silver

1. Structural silver should be recognized as an element composing the most important tissues and organs of human body. It participates in metabolic processes and are spent, this body needs the receipt of new silver ions from the outside. Typically, silver is obtained with the use of cucumbers, cabbage and fennel, but in very small quantities. Regular use of silver water (0.01 mg / l - 0,1 mg / l) completely ensure the needs of the organism.

2. Bactericidal properties of silver occur even at minimal concentrations of silver in water (0.01 mg / l - 0,1 mg / l), which guarantees the destruction of more than 650 types of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses and fungi. Her autumn-winter use effectively protects against colds adenovirusi, grip and flu viruses, but during the summer season - from the stomach (bacterial) infection without developing disbakterioza.
Regular gargle the throat with a dropper and dribble into the nose of silver water will help to destroy pathogenic viruses in nasopharynx protects against colds and infections.

3. The healing properties of silver as an anti-inflammatory and protective immune response in the tissues of the body occur at its higher concentrations exceeding the Structure and antibacterial 3-4 times. These concentrations offer many producers of silver water, are useful precisely for silver-dependent people. This is explained by the increased demand on the body of the filing of silver ions. Need more (medical) additional concentration of silver, providing for protective immune functions. This allows to avoid the flu, when others are already sick. In the treatment of colds in adults are needed in large concentrations of silver ions, which makes it possible to cure acute fever and sore throat for 1-3 days.

4. Useful for silver water
- No smell, no taste, keep it clean, no stain and leaves no traces 
- No stinging, no irritating, does not cause unpleasant sensations
- Do not allergenic, does not lead to tolerance or dependence
- Do not pollute and do not adversely affect the environment.
- The most persistent microorganisms are killed for no longer than 6 minutes.
- Colloidal silver destroys microorganisms directly available, while most antibiotics to harm only the newly microbial cells without affecting development over longer ones.
- It works much faster than most antibiotics.
- No data to a virulent microorganism developed resistance to colloidal silver, unlike antibiotics, which must be changed due to development of resistance of many organisms to them.
- Antibiotics act on certain bacteria and fungi, but have no effect on viruses. In contrast, colloidal silver works equally well on bacteria, fungi and viruses!


* More on the medical properties of silver water can be found in the left menu, as well as books on the topic - "Activated and silver water Shibilskis Petras, Silver water - Taranov L., A. Malovichko books, works of Y.P .Ulyanov and others.

How to work with the device?

Set the device "Ponor" is packaged in ecological box consists of:


1 pc. Electronic unit "Ponor" with power cord; 
1 pc. Silver electrode with a flexible cord; 
1 pc. Instruction manual with warranty card; 
1 pc. Bonus book for the use of silver water (limited edition!); 
1 pc. Certificate of original products and laboratory testing for quality and compliance issued by "Nora research";



The figure shows the main indicators and connectors of the device. ATTENTION! For normal operation and safety of the device must be used under shelter and dry! Outdoor use is forbidden! The unit is powered from the mains voltage 220/230V. Plug the silver electrode connector located left side of the device (see figure). Then plug in the power cord. The device is ready for use, the front panel will light up red indicator "Power off" and the yellow for first program - one liter (1L). Carefully place the silver electrode in the water so that the whole is immersed. Pressing the left button "SIZE", you can adjust the volume - 1, 3, 10 liters or Con for water with a high concentration (more about this program can be found later in the manual). This is indicated by the yellow indicator above the button SIZE (see figure). Once you have selected the volume press the right Indicator "START". Device begins ionization, which is indicated by the smooth flashing blue indicator. After the end of the program the device will automatically turn off in standby - while red indicator will turn "Power off". In this state the device is inactive. Remove the electrode and water mix - Your silver water is ready for consumption!

Information: The device is not affectedby the material of the container in which the water is ionized. You can use glass, metal and plastic containers. Silver water is best stored in a clean glass containers. In plastic and metal containers lose its properties after a stay. Keep silver water in a dark place, so save properties and a long time.

Keeping the electrode

After the operation, you acquire silver electrodes black gray hue - this is normal - due to electrolysis. In order to preserve the characteristics of the device within the optimal range is needed once a month to clean the electrodes of accumulated oxides and sludge. Wipe it gently with a wet cotton cloth. ATTENTION! - Do not apply pressure on the electrode during cleaning, you might damage it mechanically! Ionized water can acquire a yellowish color depending on its quality and quantity of chlorine and other impurities. That does not make it unfit for consumption.


- Power supply: 220/230V / 50Hz (+ / - 15%)
- Power consumption: <0.5W;
- Amplitude of output: 10V;
- The concentration of silver ions in accordance with the volume of programs 1, 3 and 10 liters: 0.09 mg/l; (the concentration may vary depending on the properties of the water);
- Concentration of silver ions to program Con (concentrate): 10 mg/l to 100 ml of water;
- Output current: reversible;
- Electrode resource:> 20 000 l (electrode resource is approximate and only wear the silver part, mechanical damage can occur much earlier);
- Volume of ionized water: automatic programs 1, 3 or 10 liters; (it is possible that the preparation of water having a higher concentration program - Con);
- Electrodes (anode and silver cathode) mass of silver part: 6 grams + / - 10%;
- Mass of the device (with packaging): 0.8 kg + / - 20%;
- Operation: indoor humidity <80% and a temperature range of 10 to 35 degrees Celsius;

Preparation of silver water with a high concentration of medical needs

Volume of water works with the device are designed for daily use (concentration 0.09 mg/l). These are programs 1, 3, or 10 liters of water. When you want to prepare water for medical or special needs, it is necessary to use a special program concentrate (Con). For it is to be understood that the silver produced water with a concentration of 10 mg/l, when the electrode is placed in 100 ml of water. Based on this you can prepare water with different concentration by changing the volume of water. For example if you are water with a concentration of 20 mg/l is necessary to reduce the volumes to 50 ml of water, and vice versa for a concentration of 5 mg/l up volume of 200 ml of water, etc.

All details can be read in the instructions that accompany each purchased device.

Recommendations for use

Silver water to drink 15 -20 minutes before taking medicaments, herbs or foods to avoid reaction with substances in them. This increases the effects of the herbs by 3 to 7 times, and in medicaments - from 5 to 10 times. This effect allows to reduce the cost of treatment. Colloidal silver enhances weaving breathing up to 200% and activate the immune system by 100%, it is indispensable in diseases with accumulation of "slag" in the body, gout, diabetes and others. There is no known microorganism that can withstand more than 2 hours contact with colloidal silver at a concentration of 10-20 mg/l.


For human body: 

● Armpit - unpleasant smell of sweat in the armpits due to its unspoiled microorganisms that decompose leaving sweat. Periodic spraying healing colloidal silver remove underarm odor of sweat. 
● Cleaning the face, chest and back with a cotton ball or swab moistened with colloidal silver provides clean the skin and prevents pimples and comedones.
● In order to maintain the hygiene of the vagina and prevent the emergence of bacterial, fungal or viral infections - after the end of the cycle is at least one wash with colloidal silver.
● For deodorizing feet and shoes - and feet inside of shoes regularly sprayed with colloidal silver and allowed to dry.


Information: In case of serious infection should not be quick to high doses because high doses destroy too fast large number of microorganisms that can block 5 excretory channels of the body (liver, kidneys, skin, lungs and intestines) and cause flu-like condition with headache, fatigue, muscle aches and nausea. In these cases, to reduce the amount of silver, and increase water intake. 

* More information on the use of silver water can be found in the documentation accompanying each purchased device.


To serve you reliably unit, and the warranty applies to observe the following recommendations:


1. Keep it from knocks and pipe it to dry after use. 
2. Use a clean cloth to clean the dust.
3. Do not use chemicals for cleaning his slightly damp cloth with water is sufficient.
4. Be careful when you press buttons.
5. Do not clean the silver electrodes with chemicals - that can affect your health!
6. Do not use force when pulling the cables - be careful.
7. Keep silver electrode in a dry and clean place.
8. Transportation him always in his pack.

Technical features: Used are innovative and modern technology, the product is designed very carefully and for a long time to achieve maximum efficiency and convenience. The main part is the microprocessor circuit with a unique program which ensures high stability of the generated frequency and output current, coupled with precise stabilization and low power consumption. All the elements are of high quality from approved manufacturers. Used silver is the purest sample .999. Device itself is designed and manufactured entirely in the European Union.


Warranty: 12 months


More about the device as specific technical features can be found in the instructions that accompanies each unit as well as for issues orders and more information can contact us at e-mail address: nora.research@yahoo.com


Recommended retail price: please send a message to the e-mail: nora.research@yahoo.com