Mountaineers kept secret of living water


Troyan Balkan is glorified not only by its fabulous treasure, healthy men and hot brandy, but with health and herbs that can save you from countless diseases each believed in their curative magic. Moreover, but a 75-year grandfather managed to squeeze a mountain of flesh and another treasure - a living water, proving that talk has a grain of truth. Healers is convinced that the secret of health lies in living the healing power of water sources, flash in the Bulgarian folklore, based on real facts, is convinced Something Neshev. Former veterinarian boasts that since 1994 supports the spirit and body strong without any pill. "I take only one living water bottle every day," smiles enigmatically the Balkan. Says that the Russian scientists and their publications in scientific journals failed to explore the scheme of a device, which loads the mountain water, increases its energy and converts it into healing. "I do not pretend that I discovered the miracle, but I have further improved," admits wholeheartedly Buy Something. And then it tells how affliction led to alternative medicine. Ten years ago his wife received three consecutive beats and was confined to bed. Doctors are scared and do not know what to do. Neshev affliction instead of shouting, arm yourself with literature on the structure of water, rolled up his sleeves and he assembled one aparatche. Widget begun to produce one or two bottles of water a day living, which gave his wife a drink. "To the surprise of the nurses for several months, she rose to their feet. Walk it, regained his eyesight and hearing," recalls practitioner. So he realized that the water in a large light and decided not to polished loading technology to help more people. The scientific explanation for the healing properties of Living Water's grandfather gives a few brief words. "The camera operates on the principle of electrolysis. He ionized molecules of water, turning it into water with normal Ph. It is a salve for healthy cells and death for patients. With one or two bottles a day can take any preventive even without complaints, "said Neshev. Says that his dream is one day to produce so much water that all the mass of people immunized and no one is suffering from nothing. Even the lifeblood of liquid to be bottled in plastic bottles, hold it for 3-4 months without losing their miraculous power. According to observations of H2O paramedic only the king could be at least 26 diseases. Among them are arthritis, asthma, goiter, spinal changes, impaired vision, weight gain, stress, cold hands and feet, swollen lymph nodes. The greatest achievement of Something, however, are a dozen patients with his help have broken through cancer. According to him, living water is able to "wash out" tumors and cysts in all parts of the body of patients who came to him with desperate worst diagnosis. "To have a favorable outcome, the only condition is parallel to the water treatment to keep a strict diet. From the need to exclude sugar, meat, cheese and eggs kashkavalat and soft drinks. May be adopted fruits and vegetables," states Spezia, which has refused proposals from France to work. In the worst cases, healers influence with strong biofield. It affects different parts of the body using the method of traditional Chinese medicine, called acupressure. So with the combination of living water and energy Body Something Neshev accelerates the clearing of the organism and its recovery. "Living water that is obtained from the apparatus is simple ionised liquid, however, fallen into our body begins to clean from the accumulated plaque unnecessary, harmful uric acid and other toxins. Once the molecules enter into her body, she began uric acid extracted from the places where it is accumulated. Most directly, it can be seen in studs on the neck and spine, "explains Neshev. Their presence, and then the melting is most easily demonstrated in an X-ray image. Several months after the adoption of liquid loaded spikes decreased and even disappeared. "If you restore acid-alkaline balance in the body, it alone can cope with any pain," Trojan preaches. According to former veterinarian living water, however, is impotent, if one did not help himself. He lived to be 75-years old and still spry as a goat, because, as saying: "If we want to be healthy, our day must start early in the morning and early evening to end.

Ivan Ivanov, Standard, September 1, 2009