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Professional electronic device "Heiron" is a new generation equipment and is designed for active bio-resonance therapy (ABT) on the human body based on the generation of electromagnetic signals with a frequency and form, through which the influence of harmful pathogens (bacteria and viruses) and parasites in the human body and clearing it of toxins. Treatment without medication for a very wide range of diseases.


The device is specifically designed to meet all requirements for professional contact bioresonance therapy according to the writings of scientists Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Raymond Rife. For ease of use of the device in set available reference book full range of their frequencies. Frequency range is from 0 to 10 000 000 Hz (0-10MHz) in increments of 1Hz and 0.1Hz accuracy. There are two interchangeable modes according to the type of therapy: a rectangular output signal (for the Clark therapy) and sinusoidal output signal (Rife therapy ). The output power is smoothly adjustable and can be precisely adapted to the sensitivity of each organism and the disease (0 - 22 Volts). Full specifications can be found in the section with the technical characteristics. Frequency setting and modes as easily and are made by pressing soft buttons. The output frequency is displayed on the precision illuminated LCD display, which facilitates control in. There is also an light indicator of sensitivity (output control), which can be monitored 100% contact with the body. There are sound and lights. There are 4 current protection, which ensures complete safety in use. Device has high technical parameters combined with maximum easier use, allowing it to be applied by all medical professionals and therapists in their practice, but also for private everyday use. Belongs to a professional grade equipment. Designed and manufactured entirely in the European Union.


* Brochure can be found HERE

What is active bio-resonance therapy?


The main treatment of diseases today are based on chemical effects on the body by drugs and by surgery - methods do not always help and is greatly detrimental to the organism. Principle of operation bioresonance therapy based on the understanding that human cells at the molecular and atomic level and function are linked by electromagnetic forces and interactions. The main difference of the medicaments is that here directly attacks the cause of the disease, not the consequences. In the early twentieth century American doctor named Raymond Rife in their attempts to fight cancer realized that like any material body, and cells which have a frequency oscillations. Working hard on his assumption he was able to prove that any disease can be cured if affected by a certain frequency. Researching it concludes that bacteria, viruses and parasites have their own frequency of vibration, something proven and tested by many experts after it. If it is known, the pathogen can be destroyed as it is irradiated. The walls of the membranes are disrupted and the pathogen rapidly died, said Rife. Is any disease caused by pathogens - bacteria or virus can be cured, it has been destroyed and the body is healthy again. The advantage of the Rife therapy is that it does not affect healthy human cells, because they resonate at different frequencies. Rife's list has more than 500 diseases that he could fight. For their research work and achievements, he received 14 awards and the title of honorary doctor at University of Heidelberg. His work and results did not go unnoticed, even though the pharmaceutical industry to downplay the achievements of it. Dr Hulda Clark met with his work thanks to his father worked for Dr. Rife. It is dedicated entirely to bio-resonance therapy, explore multiple diseases and their treatment by this method. Her works are known in medical circles, having won numerous awards. In 1988 Dr. Hulda Clark discovered that the effect on parasites and pathogens with their own resonance frequency for several minutes, leading to their death. All details on this type of treatment it published in his remarkable book "The Cure for all Diseases", which has been translated into numerous languages. Device "Heiron" is designed precisely and entirely based on the writings of Dr. Rife and Dr. Clark, covering all list their contact bioresonance frequencies and is capable of working in square wave mode (Dr. Clark) and sinusoidal signal (Dr. Rife). Developed with the most modern microprocessor electronics and DDS generators which increases the efficiency, accuracy convenience. Within this instruction is not possible to cover the whole theory of bio-resonance therapy. All the details about it you could find in the writings of Dr. Rife and Dr. Clark.

Which diseases affect device?

The influence of the contact bioresonance therapy has been shown for many diseases, and might mention some:

•  Worms invasions (pinworms, tapeworms, sucking worms, etc.);
•  Cancerous diseases
•  Diseases caused by unicellular organisms;
•  Diseases caused by skin parasites (scabies, lice);
•  Virus and athlete's foot diseases (influenza, venereal diseases, etc.);
•  Fungal striking (clutch fungus, thrush, lichen, etc.);
•  Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis, hepatitis, etc.);
•  Diseases of the genitourinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, etc.);
•  Pain syndromes (headache, toothache, pain in the neck, back and joints, etc.);
•  Skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, ulcers, burns, etc.);
•  Diseases of bones and joints (arthrosis, arthritis, myositis, etc.);
•  Diseases of the endocrine system (thyroid, diabetes, etc.);
•  Purulent wounds;
•  Chronic fatigue Syndrome;
•  Post-operative treatment and rehabilitation;


List of all diseases/causes of disease and the precise frequency of treatment can be found in the writings of Dr. Rife and Dr. Clark, as well as the handbook for frequency lists accompanying each device "Heiron". Device can be used preventively every day to clean up the toxins in the body and increase stamina.


Therapy unit itself unless curative effect on stimulating the body acts on the immune system. Thus makes it more resistant to future attacks by parasites. Another positive effect is the acceleration of metabolism at the cellular level, reducing obesity and overweight.

WARNING! Application of the device in many serious diseases must be conducted under the supervision of a doctor.

IMPORTANT: When doing therapy with the device should be aware what is the causative agent of the disease in order to find the necessary frequency of therapy in the lists. Diagnosis and the cause should be diagnosed by a doctor and medical laboratory. This refers not only to the universal frequencies for bioresonance therapy that can be found in the attached guide. Application frequency and therapy are their own responsibility . We recommend consulting a doctor before therapy. Nora research does advice on diseases and causes, just advice on operating the device.


Device "Heiron"

Set the device "Heiron" is packaged in a ecological box consists of:

1 pcs. Electronic device "Heiron"
2 pcs. Electrodes/
Bracelets with spiral cable
2 pcs. Handles electrodes with cable 1.5m
2 pcs. Medical gauze
1 pcs. Spare fuse
1 pcs. Operating instructions book in English with warranty card
1 pcs. Frequency reference guide book - therapeutic frequencies Rife / Clark
1 pcs. Computer CD-ROM drive with the full list of frequencies CAFL
1 pcs. Certificate of original products and laboratory testing for quality and compliance issued by "Nora research".

How to work with the device?

The figure shows the main indicators, buttons and jacks of the device:


Place the device on a flat surface away from direct sunlight. Connect the two electrodes (handles electrodes or bracelets electrodes) in the output jacks (see Figure 1). Then plug the power cord into the network (220/230V AC). Turn the on-off switch/regulator output power in a clockwise direction. On/off indicator status lights indicating that the device is already active. The LCD display will see the word --- HEIRON ---. After the second appears starting frequency of sets: 10 000 Hz. In this state, is now ready for operation. Every 10 seconds apparatus issues a quiet beep indicating its activity, allowing you to perform therapy without visually monitor whether the device is active.

Setting the frequency

Using a joystick to tune the frequency (see Figure 1), change the value to obtain the desired. Joystick allows setting the frequency in steps of 1Hz. Direction left/right cursor move and direction up/down changes the value of each digit (0 through 9) in which the marker. Enter the numbers exactly the frequency you want to use via the joystick. Display frequency in Hz. The frequency is displayed by 7 digits and the lowest possible rate entered is 1 Hz, and the highest 9,999,999 Hz. The display is backlit, which makes the device comfortable to work in the presence of less light.
* Sample and more details about the frequency setting and operation of the apparatus can be found in the instructions accompanying the each device.




Modes of operation

Device has two frequency modes: "Clark", and "Rife." They may be changed with the touch of a button in the upper-left corner of the device (see fig. 1), such as the active mode is indicated by the indicator light (yellow mode indicator Clark and green mode indicator Rife). When the device is activated by default mode „Clark". Used by Dr. Clark frequencies are rectangular in shape of the signal, while those used by Dr. Rife with sinusoidal waveform. In the use of the frequencies of Dr. Rife's necessary device to be switched to the mode "Rife", when using the frequencies of the Dr. Clark "Clark" mode. In the use of the frequencies of the base Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL) can be used in two modes, considering which mode acts more positively on the treatment (this is due to the fact that the database is filled with accurate frequencies collected from different sources, such as is not specified the format of the signal). Detailed and complete information about lists of frequencies and their implementation can be found in the handbook for frequency lists that accompanies the device.


In the set of the device are attached two sets of various types of electrodes. One type are bracelets and other type of electrodes are classic handles electrodes of Clark. In the use of both types of electrodes, it is important to ensure reliable contact with the skin of the body. The use of handles electrodes is as follows: two electrodes be grasped in both hands and not released until after the therapy with the device. For better contact is recommended for any therapy to wrap in disposable napkins (or pieces of humidified clean cotton cloth), after wrapping them moisten with water (the most convenient is with a sprayer for flowers or similar) and then be grasped in the hands. To achieve a greater effect of therapy is possible and combining the positions of the electrodes. For example, one electrode on the right arm, and the second electrode with the foot stepped on the left leg and vice versa. The bracelets are the second type of electrode. They provide independence of therapy - you can use your hands during therapy. Lightly lubricate the wrists with water. For good skin contact is recommended to use both medical gauze supplied with device. Soak them and put them on the wrists from the underside, where the metal part of the bracelet. Then place the wrist at the top as shown in the following figure 3:



In the process of therapy will feel light tingling in places where the bracelet contact with skin. To achieve a greater effect of therapy is possible to combine the positions of the bracelets . For example, one electrode of the right wrist , and a second electrode of the ankle of the left leg and vice versa. IMPORTANT: The bracelets electrodes to be used in the output power level not higher than the position 9 of the regulator (see fig. 1). At higher power levels can occur on skin wounds in the places of contact with the wrist due to a considerably delicate skin in this region. The bracelets electrodes opposed handles electrodes have comparatively less resource. Replacement is recommended after every 300 sessions.


Recommendations for the use of electrodes: The handles are the standard type electrodes and recommended their use in mostly serious therapy. Bracelets electrodes are recommended for daily prophylactic therapy with maximum power up to 9 readings from power regulator, providing hands-free convenience.


IMPORTANT: During therapy with both types of electrodes prohibits touching hands with each other, otherwise the treatment is not effective.




Device has adaptive output with a large range: 0 to 22V output voltage . The power level is adjusted individually to each organism and the disease/cause . Recommended therapeutic courses start with lower levels of output power in the range of 6 to 12V. Over time, taking into account the degree of influence on the organism and, if necessary to increase the power. The higher the greater the output power , the more effective the treatment. The output current of the device is limited to the absolutely safe level, but each organism has a threshold of irritation . By increasing the power output is assessed to what extent the maximum may be suffered by the individual organism. If there is a too irritation points that contact the electrodes is reduced to the power level at which no discomfort experienced during treatment . Range from 18 to MAX is recommended for single treatments lasting no more than one to three minutes and serious illnesses. Recommended therapy can be conducted with a power level in the range of from 6 to 18 V.


Clark level: Dr. Clark in his practice using devices called Zapper. Their output level is 9 V. If you want to perform treatments with its power output , it is necessary to put the regulator indication 9. Most of its results in the treatment are precisely such output level.


Sensitivity indicator

Connection control the device- body is provided with light indicator (output control - see Fig.1 ) . During therapy, it must be active, i.e., illuminated with blue light. This indicates that the therapeutic current flowing through the body. If the electrodes are in good condition, are well included in the device and are in contact with the body, but indicator not light is necessary to moisten the electrodes in the manner specified in section “electrodes”. Blue indicator light is a guarantee of proper therapy. If the indicator does not light up after wetting of the electrode, it is necessary to replace them with new ones.




Device has 4 different current protections. This ensures their safety in operation. One protection is an external removable fuse which largely protects it against etc. power main electric shocks. This fuse can be replaced individually by the user without the intervention of specialized service. Included in the set provided a spare one. Protection of current in the output of the electrodes ensures safe power not higher than 0.01A in the organism under all conditions of treatment and frequency.


Duration of therapy


Dr. Clark recommends treatment with either known to last from 3 to 7 minutes, then pause of 20 minutes. In her practice she uses mostly one-hour session: 7/20/7/20/7 min, therapy is 7 min and 20 min break. Time intervals can be experimentally determined other than those specified, taking into account the impact on the pathogen (the change in the disease).


Explanation of Dr. Clark's session: "The first procedure 7 minutes kills parasites such as those in these bacteria and viruses leaving and entering them into the body through a break of 20 minutes. The second procedure 7 minutes kills bacteria released. This procedure is optional, without it you feel the symptoms of colds. The third and final 7 min procedure kills viruses that killed more difficult. Breaks are needed to fully change the status of pathogens throughout the body, helping to maximize destruction."


** For treatment of frequencies from the list of Dr. Rife and the list of Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL) can find guidance in the instructions accompanying device.


Recommended duration of treatment with timetable Clark (7/20/7/20/7 min = one session of 61 minutes) Overall treatment is performed depending on the number of daily treatments:


- One-hour daily therapy = 40 days of treatment

- Two-hour treatments per day = 30 days of treatment

- Three-hour treatments per day = 20 days of treatment


IMPORTANT! Maximum one-hour sessions per day three. After a full course of treatment do 5 day break before the second treatment course. This is necessary to clear toxins from the body. For a healthy organism is sufficient to use the device once a day.


Frequency reference guide book and CD-ROM disc


For maximum convenience, the device is accompanied by a detailed reference book to the original frequencies of Dr. Clark and Dr. Rife. In the directory tables are all original frequencies, guidelines for their use and sources of which are taken. Separately available and computer CD-ROM disc with the entire database of Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL) for more than 1300 diseases.


Recommendations for feeding during treatment


* Dietary recommendations can be found in the instructions in accompanying the apparatus.


Recommendations for use of device


*More details on the efficient use of the device can be found in the instructions in that accompanies it.





Mode "Rife": sinusoidal output signal (THD: <0.01%);

Mode "Clark": rectangular output signal with duty cycle 50%;

Frequency range:


Mode "Rife": 0-9999999 Hz (sine wave);

Mode "Clark": 0-7000000 Hz (rectangle);

Accuracy of the generated frequencies: <0.1Hz;

Resolution of frequency: 1Hz;

Visualization of frequency: STN LED LCD display;

Output Offset: 100% positive;

Output: smoothly adjustable 0 - 22V + / - 10% (5-4000000 Hz);

Accuracy of marking on the output regulator: <20% (5-4000000 Hz);

Maximum output current: 0.01A;

Protections: 3 built-in current protections + external removable fuse;

Power supply unit: a network 220/230V / 50Hz (+ / - 15%);

Power consumption: max.10W;

Temperature range for normal operation: from +10 to +35 degrees Celsius;

Operation in humidity: <70%;

Weight: not more than 3 kg;


Support device and electrodes


To serve you reliably device and applies to your warranty card is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

1. Protect it from shocks and mechanical impacts;
2. Use a clean cloth to clean the dust;
3. Do not use chemicals to clean, damp cloth with water is sufficient;
4. Be careful when you press buttons;
5. Do not force the jacks and remove the cables only as a drag socket;
6. Include only it mains network with specified parameters;
7. Operate it in the specified technical characteristics temperature and humidity;


The handles electrodes made of copper alloy for better conductivity of the therapeutic power. Over time, it oxidizes and darkens as a result of contact with water. For cleaning use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and if they are dirty and allowed the use of so "Wire wool".


Replaceable fuse. Device has a removable fuse protection. This protection prevents it largely in so-called electric shocks, as well as internal damage to the device itself. If the LCD display and power ON indicator (see Figure 1) does not light up when released, it is necessary to change the fuse. Included in the set is attached spare. IMPORTANT: Before changing the fuse unplug the power cord from the mains power network! At the rear of the device near the power cord is plug the fuse (see Figure 1), he has written "FUSE". Carefully turn the cap in the direction anticlockwise and remove the old fuse and replace it with new. Rotate cap clockwise. Plug in the mains network and turn ON device. If still no light ON indicator is required to contact the manufacturer or authorized service center for repair. The manufacturer does not repair free devices in warranty with damage caused due to power surges/electric shocks.



In some cases the use of an apparatus for active bio-resonance therapy is contraindicated. A list of Dr. Clark's warnings:


1. Pregnancy
2. Severe blood diseases
3. Diseases of the psyche
4. Respiratory failure
5. Heart failure and heart problems
6. Unclear diseases without diagnosis by a doctor


Technical features: Used are innovative and modern technologies such product is designed very carefully and for a long time to achieve maximum efficiency and convenience. Its main part is the microprocessor circuit with a unique program and precise DDS generator to ensure high stability of the generated frequencies. Fast output circuits ensure wide bandwidth and linear range and high output power. Current stabilization circuits that ensure superior stability of the output current combined with low power consumption. It has 4 different circuits current protection. All the elements are of high quality from approved manufacturers. Device itself is designed and manufactured entirely in the European Union.


* Each product is tested in the laboratory of "Nora research" quality and consistency, as this is issued a certificate accompanying the appliance. Do not buy equipment without a certificate and warranty card!


IMPORTANT: The manufacturer of the device does not guarantee the results of applying these frequencies and therapeutic procedures. It only ensures exact reproduction. Their application is at your own risk. All frequencies, time intervals and recommendations for therapy can be found in the writings of the scientists. Each unit is designed solely on the basis of publications cited in this guide scientists, they have just met their frequencies and recommendations.


Warranty: 12 months

Recommended retail price: please send a message to the e-mail: nora.research@yahoo.com


(Special discounts to distributors)

More on the device, as specific technical features can be found in the instructions that accompanies each device, but also issues orders and more information can contact us at e-mail address mentioned in the section Contacts.