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Professional electronic device "Hera" is a new generation instrument is designed to perform quantum therapy on the human organism. Impact on biologically active zones and organs in the human body by electromagnetic radiation within a certain range.


Thereby stimulating its own vitality to fight many diseases, improves blood circulation, activates the body's immune system and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. With its help, be done without medication and without the painful treatment of a wide range of diseases. Upon acceptance of medication therapy device fold increase in their effectiveness.


Thanks to new technologies and the element base has been possible to have in your home with a tool offering therapy, which until recently offered only clinics. There are 4 programs to therapy, and 3 automatic interval duration of therapy. Placing the device and work are most facilitated and carried out by pressing buttons. There are sound and light indicators. Device has high technical parameters combined with maximum use easier, allowing it to be applied by all medical professionals in their practice, but also for private everyday use. Belongs to the low price range for Quantum therapy apparatus, but does not give opportunities to those of high. Is designed and manufactured entirely in the European Union.


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Treatment and impact.

Quantum Therapy is used for prevention and treatment of diseases by electromagnetic radiation, which focused on specific work areas and organs of the human body. This external electromagnetic effect is similar in its characteristics and parameters of electromagnetic processes occurring in the body of the cell and the intracellular level. Its energy is relatively small, making it completely safe for human body. But thanks to resonant absorption, this energy is sufficient for the activation of weakened cells and repeated to increase the immunity of the body. Cells accelerated and began to actively "feed" and divide. More quantum therapy can read HERE. Brief outline explanation could see the figure below.



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A brief outline description of quantum therapy. Of course this is a very simplified explanation and information aspects are concerned.


Unlike medicines, device "Hera" not just treat the disease, but weakened and transformed diseased cells of the organism in sound health, thereby achieving a strong effect of treatment for a short period of time.

Healing effect on the body is done with the help of several factors, the choice of which is the result of long research in this area:

- Low-intensity pulsed quantum radiation (short and powerful pulses quantum)
- Broad infrared radiation
- Intermittent and continuous radiation in the visible red spectrum


As a consequence of these effects on the body reaches the following results:

- Activating the immune system
- Increased tone
- Activation of peripheral (capillary) circulation
- Normalization of metabolic processes
- Accelerated fission

Quantum Therapy is a modern trend in modern medicine. Used in more than 9,500 hospitals in Russia, Europe and USA. Has been shown to decrease the sick patients from 3 to 6 times in Quantum treatment therapy. The most extensive research and theoretical writings in the Russian Federation.


Advantages of quantum therapy

- Increasing the effectiveness of medication intake.
- Significant reduction of the necessary medication or full denial
- Shortening the period 2-3 times to restore
- Reduce pain
- Anti-inflammatory effect
- Regeneration of damaged tissues
- High potential for prevention
- Absence of any side effects, safety
- Short time to learn how to practice therapy
- High mobility - therapy can practice anywhere regardless of environment


On diseases which have a positive impact Quantum Therapy?

The positive effects of quantum therapy has been demonstrated by the global Association quantum medicine for over 200 widespread diseases. As arthritis are almost incurable diseases with traditional medicine, while by quantum therapy restores cartilage and treatment possible. Scientists say there is no area of contemporary medicine, which can not practice this type of therapy. I will mention only some of the diseases on the proven positive impact of the Quantum Therapy:

- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteoarthritis, arthritis, myositis, sciatica, etc.);
- Consequences of injuries (tendons, muscles, joints, etc.);
- Skin injuries (burns, surface and festering wounds, etc.);
- Skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, ulcers, acne, etc.);
- Bronchitis, asthma, laryngitis, tonsillitis;
- Pneumonia
and pleurisy;
- Cancer (under the supervision of a doctor!);
- Vascular disease (varicose veins, venous insufficiency);
- Diseases of the endocrine system (thyroid, diabetes, etc.);
- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis, hepatitis, etc.);
- Pain syndromes (headache, toothache, pain in the neck, back and joints, etc.);
- Diseases of the Genitourinary System (cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, etc.);
- Inflammation of the mammary glands, mastitis;
- Reduction of hearing;
- Diseases of the nervous system and nerve endings;
- Infertility, breach of the menstrual cycle, ovarian cyst;
- Hair Loss, baldness;
- Postoperative treatment and rehabilitation;

Within this statement is impossible to cover the entire information about Quantum therapy. More information about Quantum Therapy treatment and disease list can be found in the literature (eg works of Karandashov V.I, Buylin V.F, Neymark A.I etc.) Sites in the world association quantum medicine, U.S. Academy of Quantum Medicine and others.

WARNING! The application of the device in many serious diseases, must be conducted under the supervision of a doctor!

Device "Hera"

Product set "Hera" is packaged in a carton ecological box and consists of:

1 pc. Electronic device "Hera"
1 pc. Therapeutical head "Hera"
1 pc. Transformer mains adapter with cable
1 pc. Instructions in English with warranty card
1 pc. Original certificate of laboratory tests and product quality and conformity issued by "Nora research".

How to work with the device?

The figure shows the main indicators, buttons and connectors of the device:




The device is powered by 220V network through galvanically separated transformer adapter that is included in the kit. Plug the adapter jack into the device where it is shown in the figure (AC input). Make sure the jack is on well and plug it into a mains socket. You will hear a beep and the red indicator will turn "OFF", which means that the device is off, but is ready for use. By pressing "START" device begins therapy. The front panel you'll see a circular light indicator - it indicates that the device performed therapy. The average click "TIME" change the time for therapy. You can choose between three intervals - 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes, which is evidenced by the indicators over the button. With the left mouse button "MODULATION" you can change the therapy program. Possible programs are 4: "LOW", "MIDDLE", "HIGH" and "COMBINED". More programs can be read later in the instructions. After the scheduled therapy device beeps and indicators circular turn off and red indicator lights "OFF". In that state device is switched off. It should be noted that there is no need to disconnect the adapter from the wall outlet after each use of the device.


Therapeutical head

Therapy device itself shall be done through therapeutic "head". It is connected by cable to the device.

METHOD OF WORK WITH THERAPEUTICAL HEAD: Target illuminating part of the patient's head to the area as tightly pinch the skin (without much effort). In the presence of head wounds outwardly kept as close (1 cm) from the skin. Recommended in minutes can move around the patient area, thereby increasing the effectiveness of therapy. IMPORTANT! Head emitting therapeutic radiation in the visible and infrared spectrum with high intensity hazardous to vision (light radiation) - not steering it to the eyes and not look into it! Infrared laser is invisible! Be careful when working with head - do not twist and pull the cord.


Programs *

Device has 4 therapy programs:

LOW - a program of low-frequency modulation of quantum radiation. Red radiation in the visible range is constant. This program is achieved deep penetration of light quantum (20 cm). It is recommended for diseases of the joints and internal organs. Slightly distracted from the skin. Red constant radiation stimulates blood circulation and reduce pain.

MEDIUM - a program with an average frequency modulation of quantum radiation. Red radiation in the visible range is constant. Program which has an average penetration of quantum radiation (up to 10 cm) and secondary effects on skin and subcutaneous tissue. It is recommended for diseases and injuries of muscles, and in combination with a program COMBINED. Red constant radiation stimulates blood circulation and reduce pain.

HIGH - a program with high frequency modulation of quantum radiation. Red radiation in the visible range is constant. Program that has a low penetration of quantum radiation (up to 5 cm). They almost completely dissolving the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Recommended for povrahnostni festering wounds and lacerations, burns, skin diseases. Red constant radiation stimulates blood circulation and reduce pain.

COMBINED - a program of low-frequency modulation of quantum radiation. Red radiation in the visible range is pulsating. Program that has very deep penetration of light quantum (25 cm) and a reverse shock effect on the body. This program is recommended in combination with all other programs and prevention. Pulsating red radiation is increased power and influence of the blood vessels in depth. The most effective program.

* For complex effects for prevention and treatment are provided combinations of programs that achieves a greater effect.

Course of treatment device consists of 20 treatment sessions of 10 minutes and 20  treatment serious illnesses in 20 minutes sessions. Prevention are sufficient 10 sessions of 5 minutes. Day three sessions are eligible, as recommended two. The overall number of treatment and healing rate depends on the illness, and the extent of this organism is adaptive.


Treatment course, sessions and recommended programs

IMPORTANT! It is not recommended to treat several diseases simultaneously. After the treatment course is paused 2 weeks. This break is obligatory. During this time, after the treatment course continues the process of bio-activation of cells of quantum therapy. As a rule, exacerbation of the disease is a sign of positive impact of therapy. It should pass within 48 hours. During this period, take normal medications you use (if using). It is good to consult a specialist in quantum medicine if you have this option.

If after a treatment course of 20 sessions did not feel an improvement, then pause two weeks - the positive effects may not appear immediately. Where do some serious diseases with therapeutic recreation course of two weeks between them. Not recommended retention of the therapeutic head in one place for more than 5 minutes (exposure) -during the therapy you moving steadily through the patient area a few centimeters.

In any doubt about the status and treatment of disease must contact your doctor before proceeding!

Recommended combinations of programs:

More information about the combinations of programs and their use as well as tips and guidelines for therapy can be found in the instructions accompanying each  device "Hera".


To serve you reliably device and applies to your warranty card is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

1. Protect it from shocks and harvest it dry after use.
2. Use a clean cloth to clean the dust.
3. Do not use chemicals for cleaning, damp cloth with water is sufficient.
4. Be careful when you press buttons.
5. Do not force the cable jacks and remove the jack only as a drag.
6. Use only the adapter supplied device in set.
7. Do not twist cable therapeutic head.


1. Pregnancy
2. Severe blood disease
3. Diseases of the psyche
4. Respiratory failure
5. Heart failure
6. Unclear diseases diagnosed by a doctor without

IMPORTANT! In cancer treatment therapy quantum to be made under the supervision of a doctor.

Side Effects

Quantum Therapy is inherently quite safe, which ensures the absence of side effects. However, in re dosage may occur such consisting mainly fatigue and redness of the skin. Re dosage is: session longer than 30 minutes, more than 20 sessions therapy or treatment without pause between courses.


Types of radiation:
- Pulse infrared laser spectrum close
- Pulse broad infrared radiation
- Pulsating radiation in the red (visible) spectrum
- Permanently radiation in red (visible) range

Length of rays:

- Laser radiation: 800 to 910 nm
- Infrared radiation: 860 to 960 nm
- Red radiation: 500 to 700 nm

Pulse power of laser infrared radiation: max. 8W
Intensity of radiation in the red spectrum: max. 80000 mcd
Power transmission in the red spectrum: max. 1W
Time the session: automatic - 5, 10 or 20 min + / - 10%
Power of the device: through transformer power adapter from the network 220/230V / 50Hz (optional 110V)
Power Consumption: max.10W
Mass: no more than 2 kg.

Technical features:

Used are innovative and modern technology, the product is developed very carefully and for a long time to achieve maximum efficiency and convenience. Its main part is the microprocessor circuit with a unique program which ensures high stability of the generated frequencies and the output current, coupled with precise stabilization and low power consumption. All the elements are of high quality by established producers. Device itself is designed and manufactured entirely in the European Union.


* Each product is tested in the laboratory of "Nora research" quality and consistency, as this is issued a certificate which accompanies the instrument.Do not buy equipment without a certificate and warranty card!


Warranty: 12 months

Recommended retail price: please send a message to the e-mail: nora.research@yahoo.com


(Special discounts to distributors)

More on the unit, as specific technical features can be found in the "instructions" that accompanies each unit, but also issues orders and more information can contact us at email address mentioned in the 'Contacts'.